Services at Rosemount House

Rosemount House provides keyworker support, 1-1 in-house counselling and 4 meetings a week.  We have single bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms

Support services provided are:

  • One to one support.
  • Benefit support
  • Assist with personal development and empowerment.
  • Housing advice and support.
  • Medical appointments and support
  • Anger management referral
  • Inter-agency liaison
  • Keyworker support.
  • Self-esteem and confidence building.
  • Emotional and practical support.
  • Participate in review procedures
  • Support residents in their daily routine
  • Referral to appropriate agencies.
  • Health, Safety and Security of residents and visitors
  • Monitoring and evaluate progress
  • Counselling internal and external referrals
  • Refer and advise to local training and education institutes
  • Basic life coping skills.
  • Community relations
  • Intervention with family breakdown
  • Residential retreat and respite.

quiet room Bedroom Pool room