Rosemount House Ltd

Rosemount House provides sheltered and professionally supported accommodation for those seeking continued recovery from alcohol addiction, which may also include secondary drug addiction with associated mental health issues.

The purpose is to secure suitable independent accommodation and eventual reintegration within the community. The “restorative” rehabilitation programme is 18 – 24 months.

Rosemount House Limited is a registered charitable company established in 1988.  We are funded through the Supporting People grant “Supporting People” (NIHE) under the auspices of the Department of Social Development.

On 10th December 2006 Rosemount House relocated to its current premises at 424 Antrim Road, Belfast.  We have accommodation for 20 men in ensuite bedrooms.

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in and around Belfast Area

The objective of Rosemount House is to maintain a high standard and professional manner at all times. Maintaining a sense of camaraderie and respect as well as a degree of distance so as to do a competent and professional job, is not an easy one, but the success of Rosemount House relies heavily on this balance.

Our objective for the residents is to:

  • Sustain sobriety.
  • Encourage residents to believe in themselves.
  • Counsel and guide each resident to a productive, substance free lifestyle.
  • Promote an awareness of personal health and well being.
  • Enhance resident’s motivation to participate in the wider community.
  • Reconcile with family and friends.
  • Enjoy life without the crutch of drugs and alcohol.
  • Rebuild the self-esteem of those stigmatised and marginalised by society.
  • Provide a sanctuary like environment for those who need a place to recover from alcohol addiction

All ex residents are welcome from 11am – 11pm to ‘drop in’ if they are feeling isolated, lonely, depressed or simply want a little company, advice or a cuppa.