Rosemount House hostel is for men over 18 who are homeless alcoholic/drug addicts who may also have attendant problems.  We are not only Referral-based e. g. from HAC/NIHE, Cuan Mhuire, GPs, addiction agencies, hospitals, etc but also accept Direct Access Applications.

The eligibility criteria for admission are as follows:

    1. The Applicant must be male, alcoholic, aged 18 or over, and registered as homeless by the NIHE;.
    2. The Applicant must be ready, able and willing to undergo our 18-24 months’ housing and addiction recovery support services programme, which is run on AA principles and is directed
      towards his homelessness, addiction, and/or related problems.
    3. The Applicant must demonstrate a continuing genuine desire to address his addiction (e.g. by attendance at AA/all House meetings, doing House chores, etc) and take advantage of all housing and addiction recovery support activities to the best of his ability so as to aid achieving and maintaining a tenancy or other independent tenure and/or to improve his health and quality of independent living;
    4. Applicants who come within any of the categories listed on page 9 of the Referral/Application (mitigating circumstances).

Please download our

Referral Application Form

Statement of Purpose Description of Service Form 

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Phone Number: 02890 779740


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